Place the snus under the upper lip, slightly above the front teeth. You don't have to chew, suck or spit, just leave it in place and enjoy the taste. Let the snus bag sit for as long as you want. Normally you let it sit for 15-60 minutes. Snus is the smokeless alternative if you don't want to smoke anymore.

Pay attention! Snus contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Our nicotine bags do not contain tobacco, but nicotine that is released from steamed tobacco, this is mixed with salt and aromas. Because you put the nicotine bag on your gums, the nicotine is released into your blood. Official Swedish snus is illegal throughout the European Union because it contains some form of tobacco. But the snus we offer is completely legal throughout the European Union, because it contains no tobacco, only nicotine..

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