Wondering if snus is legal?

The answer to that is debatable, as there are different types of snus.

The original Swedish snus (snus with tobacco) is banned throughout the European Union, except in Sweden and Norway. Still, sending Swedish snus from these countries to other countries in the European Union is not illegal. For a long time, Swedish and Norwegian producers have been shipping snus with tobacco to consumers all over the world, including the European Union.

Nowadays there is a variant with a lot of potential on the market. White snus, or white portion pouches. This snus is filled with the addictive substance nicotine instead of tobacco, so it does not fall under the tobacco law. The nicotine in this snus is released from steamed tobacco and mixed with salt and aromas. By putting the pouch between your lip and your gums, the nicotine is released into your blood.

We only offer white snus on our webshop. This newer generation of snus is completely legal at the moment.

Snus with CBD is yet another variant of the white snus, this product also contains no tobacco. The combination of nicotine with CBD provides a long-lasting effect. More about snus with CBD