Snus are nicotine pouches that can be placed in your mouth, usually under the upper lip, in order to receive nicotine. The nicotine is then absorbed into your blood via the mucous membrane, without a combustion process, without smoke, without other people being bothered by this and also without bad smell.

If you want to get your daily dose of nicotine because you like it or because you want to stop / cut down on smoking cigarettes or shisha, snus nicotine bags might be for you. Our snus does not contain tobacco.

Snus (Pronounced: Snuus) comes from Sweden and Norway and is fastly becoming a cigarette substitute. Snus nicotine bags are available in different flavors and are sold under different brand names. The flavor range of snus nicotine bags differs per brand name. That's how the brand LYFT knows as many as ten different variants. And not only in terms of taste, the Swedish snus also has different strengths. Just as there are light cigarettes, there are also light versions of the snus nicotine bags. Also the brand KILLA has different variants and these are packed in tough cans. The cans with snus nicotine bags all have their own look and various flavors of the Swedish snus. In short: a very variable nicotine product that lets you enjoy nicotine without your environment having to notice it.

Pay attention! Snus contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Our nicotine bags do not contain tobacco, but nicotine that is released from steamed tobacco, this is mixed with salt and aromas. Official Swedish snus is illegal throughout the European Union because it contains some form of tobacco. But the snus we offer is completely legal throughout the European Union, because it contains no tobacco, only nicotine..